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PostSubject: C3. Bye Seabass   C3. Bye Seabass Icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 8:04 pm

So with my HOH I got Sebastian out of the game. I'm really happy with this. First of all I think he was working with Patch which is not good. I had to weaken Patch but it was to soon to go for the kill. Also I got like a weird fake vibe from the crab so it makes me feel a little more comfortable.

Everybody has to ask you who you want out when your HOH. I hate that. It also puts a bigger target on the HOH. So I told everybody to do what is best for them self. Meanwhile I had the Cat do the campaigning to send Seabass home.

As of right now I trust the cat the most. I think hes being honest with me but if not oh well. I kind of trust Tiana and Tigger. Belle seems cool. Patch and I have a deal to work together and what not but I don't plan on honoring that. I just it gets me safe on his end lol.

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C3. Bye Seabass
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