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Theres already been 6 evictions. Awesome. As of right now I see two power players in this game. The Chesire Cat and Patch. My plan is to stay in the middle of them and try to get them to battle it out while I slide on into the final 6 or something. Then when I'm in the final 6 I'll become the power player I know I can be. Now this plan doesn't factor in different variables and there are plenty.

I am supposed to be aligned with Chesire. However its not lost on me that I'm always the last one he talks game with before he makes a decision.

The last vote, I voted out Lilo. Keeping my word to Willhelmina. Essentially I was the deciding vote because my "alliance" wanted to keep Lilo. Lilo was just too much of a outlier to me. She was wishy washy on her votes and always wanted to go with the majority. That's annoying as hell.

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C4. Final 10
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