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PostSubject: Exit Interview   Exit Interview Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 12:55 pm

Hades my man, let's talk

1. What are you doing here bud?

2. Did you hold back in this game or are you always this quiet?

3. Were you sending out a villain message by picking Hades as a character?

4. Tell me about your alliances and loyalties in this game.

5. Only 4 people left, predictions for finals?

You may now take off the Disney costume and reveal yourself
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PostSubject: Re: Exit Interview   Exit Interview Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 4:18 pm

1. Well a combination of things. First, my allies were falling and I was left with people who had stronger bonds with each other than they had with me. Another thing, I was playing a pretty decent game and had I made it to the end I would have had a fair shot at winning. Plus I'm cool and awesome and Patch is the scum of the earth so his jealousy for me hurt my odds.

2. Outside stuff made me less active than I usually am so I turned it into strategy. I've seen a player get voted out way to many times for playing as hard as they can too fast so I didn't want that. Plus when I saw the two power players rise I was hoping to stay quiet and let them take each other out.

3. Typically I would love to play the villain but in this case no. My favorite Disney movie is Hercules and I thought James Woods was hilarious as Hades so that's why I picked him. It kind of sucked because I think I was the only "villain" in the cast so naturally it was easy for people to tag me as that. Realistically I was one of the more honest players in the game perhaps.

4. Right off the bat I formed a friendship with Ti, we were friends first and allies second though and I think we both knew that. The Chesire Cat and I had the strongest bond I feel of anybody in the game. I believe it was mutually that we were both looking to go to the end with each other. At one point in the game in our private room I told him flat out that everybody except him annoyed the crap out of me. When it came to Tigger, I told him early on that I would be straight up with him the entire game and I was and he was pretty much straight up with me as well. We had our secrets that we couldn't tell each other but that's fair game. He's just a class act and a nice person and I can't wait to find out who he is. Patch is just gross. I was just hoping to use him and lose him. He's a cocky douchebag and his act got old during the first week. Belle annoyed me with her obnoxious PMs and we never really had an alliance.

5. I assume Patch will get to the end cause he has a super computer and will be safe until the end or it would be smart for someone to simply take him to the end because he sucks at life and decided to be an annoying asshole to 90% of the jury. It would be nice to see Ti get there though, I think her game is pretty good. Tigger and Ti would make for a good final 2 I think.

You should know who I am by now but if you are still wondering, it wasn't a coincidence that I chose a god as my character. A god, a king, I've heard it all. I'm CaptainJimmy18.
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Exit Interview
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