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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

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PostSubject: HOH thread   HOH thread Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 1:07 pm

Post HOH answers here
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PostSubject: Re: HOH thread   HOH thread Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 9:38 pm


1. The 1956 novel is also known as "the Great Dog Robbery"? t
2. "The Starlight Barking" is the sequel to that book?f
3. Still with the same book, Missis gives birth to 15 puppies? t
4. De Vil family home is in Suffolk?f
5. The novel was published by Heinemann?t
6. Dodie Smith wrote this book?f
7. Perdita means "Lost"?t
8. The sequel to this book was published in 1977??f
9. The film adaptation became the seventh highest grossing film of 1961?t
10. The book did not get a hardback release?f
11. Cruella was named Mercila in this book?t
12. There was actually 102 dalmatians in the book, but one died?t
13. The book starts off with Cruella in an asylum?f
14. ONe of the pups in the book is named after Liz after the queen?t
15. Janet Jackson is an llistrator for this book?f
16. The book was put as horror?t
17. 101 Dalmatians is the 13th movie in the Disney animated classic series?f
18. It was released in theaters on May 12th 1961?t
19. Was narrated by Ron Nayer?f
20. Distributed by Buenos Noche Productions?t
21. Wolfgang Reitherman was one of the directors for this movie?f
22. Pongo is the father dog?t
23. Rod Taylor voices Pongo?f
24. Betty Lou Gerson voices Cruella?t
25. Perdita is the mother dog?f
26. Roger Radcliffe is Pongo's owner?t
27. Roger Radcliffe is a songwriter?f
28. Pongo gets bored and decides to find a wife for Roger Radcliffe?t
29. Pongo picks a lady named Anita?f
30. Pongo causes Roger and Anita to fall into a pond?t
31. Both the human couple and dog couple marry?f
32. Perdiat gives birth to 15 puppies in the movie?t
33. Roger saves a puppy by rubbing it in a towel?f
34. They name that puppy Lucky?f
35. Cruella is a former schoolmate of ANita's?t
36. Cruella has a physical fight with Anita?f
37. Cruella spits on Roger?f
38. Cruella wants to eat the dogs?t
39. Cruella is helped by 5 crooks?f
40. Perdiat loses a toe?t
41. Pongo cheats on Perdita with Bonnie?f
42. Roger finds out he had a son during the war?t
42. Cruella falls in love with Roger?f
43. Matt Damon stars in this movie?t
44. Julie Andrews voices Perdiat?f
45. The running time for this movie is 93 minutes?t
46. Samuel L Jackson narrates this movie?f
47. Miley Cyrus sings the opening song?t
48. 12 remakes of this movie were made?f
49. Colonel is an old St-Bernard?t
50. The Sheepdog is named Bonko?f
51. Perdiat gets lost in Nebraska?t
52. Pongo cuts his paw on a saw in the barn?f
53. Patch finds true love in this movie?t
54. The budget for this movie was 23 million?f
55. It made 40 million at the box office?t
56. Hammerson Smith is a director for this movie?f
57. Another movie was made in 1991?t
58. That movie had a running time of 125 minutes?f
59. Was produced by Hugh Johns?t
60. Music for the 1996 movie was by Micheal Keaton?f
61. Glenn Close stars in this movie version?t
62. Jeff Daniels also stars in it?f
63. The sequel to this movie is named 102 Dalmatians?t
64. Roger is a video game designer in this movie adaptation?f
65. Cinematography for this movie by Adrian Biddle?t
66. Released November 27, 1996?f
67. Released on DVD December 12, 2000?t
68. Directed by Stephen Herek?f
69. Joan Plowright played the nanny?t
70. Tim McInnerny played ALonzo?f
71. This movie was done in black and white?t
72. This movie featured a pair of clowns wearing purple shoes?f
73. The dogs were actually golden retrievers?t
74. Anita works as a nurse in this movie?f
75. Roger works as a male stripper in this movie?t
76. There is a nude scene?t
77. One of the dogs pees on 5 of the humans in this movie?f
78. Dakota Fanning stars in this movie?f
79. Katie Holmes has a small cameo?t
80. It's set in Congo Africa?f
81. They use owlmail in this movie?t
82. Mickey Mouse makes a cameo in this movie?f
83. It made 3 billion overseas?t
84. Kari Fisher plays Alonza?f
85. Pongo is played by 63 different dogs in this movie?t
86. 101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor is a computer game?f
87. The game was released in 1997?t
88. By DreamForge Intertainment?f
89. It's a Single-player game?t
90. Game composer is Patrick J. Collins?f
91. Publisher for this game is Disney Interactive?t
92. The plot features two dalmatian puppies and their adventures escaping from captivity in Cruella de Vil's mansion?f
93. 101 Dalmatians: The Series had 65 episodes?f
94. The TV series stared Pamela Adlon?t
95. The show was set on a farm?f
96. It has 2 seasons?t
97. It first aired September 1, 1997?f
98. The audio format was Dolby Surround?t
99. Last aired March 4, 1999?t
100. The show will return in 2012?t
101. Robert Pattinson was a voice on that show?f
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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

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PostSubject: Re: HOH thread   HOH thread Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 10:20 pm

50/101 (51 wrong)
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PostSubject: Re: HOH thread   HOH thread Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 10:33 pm

what ever! Razz
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HOH thread
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